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    The Force of Funding: How Star Wars Fans Stay Positive

    Fandom has always been a challenging field to navigate.

    When you take a large group of people who are passionate about something, mix in contradictory opinions, disappointment, and the internet’s ability to instantly connect fans with content creators, actors, and other creatives, it’s easy for fandom to turn toxic. But what happens when fandom takes their disappointment and their passion and turns it into something positive? (Read More)

    Unmasking the Armorer: Emily Swallow Talks About The Mandalorian, Fans, and Set Life

    An interview with The Mandalorian's Emily Swallow

    Emily Swallow has appeared on both stage and screen, lending her talents to roles on The Mentalist, SEAL Team, Castlevania, and most notably as “Amara” on Supernatural and as “The Armorer” on The Mandalorian. (Read More)

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