• Film Production

    Outside of acting and writing, Maggie has also worked as a producer, script supervisor, costume designer, and set designer on numerous short projects.

    Discussion with Brandon Thane Wilson, director of 'Bobby & Terra'.

    Maggie Lovitt (Script Supervisor) discusses the script with Brandon Thane Wilson (Director) on the set of Bobby & Terra.

    Brandon Thane Wilson (Director) and Maggie Lovitt (Script Supervisor) in the camera truck on the set of Bobby & Terra.

    Maggie Lovitt (Costume Designer) goes over costume changes with Chase Capo (Director) on the set of Forgotten.

    An example of set design for the short DeadPan.

    The Last Supper featured costume design by Maggie Lovitt.

    Costume and Set Design by Maggie Lovitt on the set of Bobby & Terra.

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