• Screenwriting

    Maggie has also been expanding her work as a screenwriter.

    In The Silence

    What waits for us in the silence?

    "In the Silence is a powerful and well-crafted exploration of a girl who has dealt with mental illness starting from a very young age. The short film script succeeds at literally getting inside Eva’s mind as she attempts to reconcile who Leah is and whether she can live without her. Also, the way the writer juxtaposes both Eva and her mother dealing with “silence” (in Eva’s case coping without Leah’s voice guiding her, and in Bethany’s case not having Leah) is both clever and heartbreaking." - Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards Feedback


    In The Silence appears on the CoverFly Red List and has garnered five accolades, including:

    • Finalist, Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards 4th
    • Finalist, Richmond International Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2020
    • Quarterfinalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Fall 2020
    • Second Rounder, ScreenCraft Film Fund Spring 2019
    • Semifinalist, Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards 5

    I Wil Always Love You

    After fifteen years, a free-spirited teacher spends the summer at her family’s ranch in Montana and finds herself falling for a charming cowboy that might be the right person at the wrong time in her life.


    I Will Always Love You is Lovitt's first feature-length drama.


    • Quarterfinalist, Filmmatic Inroads Fellowship Season 4

    The Sisters Black

    A prelude to the Harry Potter franchise, centered around Bellatrix, Narcissa, and Andromeda Black during the tumultuous rise of Lord Voldemort.


    Sisters Black is Lovitt's first pilot with co-writer Nicole Ackman.

    Something Old, Something New

    After a deadly global pandemic killed 30 million Americans, the conservative-led government implements an insidious program designed to repopulate America by forcing unmarried citizens between the ages of twenty-two and forty-two into arranged marriages.


    Something Old, Something New is Lovitt's second pilot with co-writer Nicole Ackman.

    Untitled Audio Drama

    Lovitt is currently co-writing an untitled sci-fi audio drama with Arezou Amin.